Pandaberry Cupcakes
Story of a Story-Suicide

So, folks, here’s how it goes… Once upon a time…

VK 42(ish): Oh my Kaname Oni-sama~~ *kisses* I will come back to your arms~

VK 46: Woah Zero is kissing me! Might as well enjoy it while it lasts~ ;D

VK 49: Oni-sama~ I love your hands! Taint me too~~ I want to fall to the bottom with you~~ *kisss* <33

VK 51/52: But wait! You can’t fully sate me because, you know, part of me is still in love with Zero. ;P But it’s all cool, I really do love you Oni-sama! To prove it, I promise I’ll drink only your blood! Pinky swear!! <33

VK 54: Wait is that Zero at the soiree?! Damn he’s looking sexy *stares at him the entire time* Nope I have to touch him… Oooh that felt good~~ X3 *caresses hand*

VK 56: But I’m still Kaname-sama’s fiance *cuddles with him and lets him sleep on lap*

VK 60: Oooh damn Zero, you smell so sexy~ *sniffs all over* Ohh this delicious neck! *licks…… about to bite* Woops! I have to go, Kana-bats are watching!

VK 66/67: Kaname Oni-sama I don’t want the rose I want to see your face! Lets start our lovey dovey love all over again~~ Oooh I know! Read me a story like when we were kids and lets cuddle together~ You can drink all the blood you like~

VK 72: Zero, you smexy tease! Touching that darn tattoo and that delicious neck just gave me a thirst attack~ I need to remind myself of Oni-sama’s blood promise!

VK 73/74: (10 minutes later) Fuck that blood promise shit, I need to suck up some Zero goodies! Not the wrist! *pins him down the tree, pulls away tie, licks neck and bites* Now that’s more like it~ ;D

VK 79: My Kaname-sama, I want to go to him!! <3 Oh wait, Zero stopped me? Ahh he’s hugging me!! <33 O/////O

VK 81: Ruka-san, return Kaname-sama to me!!

VK 83: Fuck you, Kaname! I release myself of this burden ‘cause I’m done with you!  *Cuts hair* And no more playing with my hair! Oh by the way, Zero, you know, since we’re back as allies, can I stand by your side? *wink wink*

VK 86: But Wait!! Just like Kaito-san said I can’t really live with you because I belong to Kaname. 

VK 87: But whatever! Fuck that bullshit *jumps up on Zero in train, sexually harasses him and licks his face* Hold on! We’re not done yet! *dances with Zero and leans up to kiss him* I love you, Zero! <3333

VK 88: But we still can’t be together, because I’m a pureblood and you’re a hunter. But if we were humans I’d totally be head over heels for you, the sexy Zero-senpai~~ Oh Kaname? Yeah, he’d totally be the overprotective brother that you wouldn’t get along with. xD Oh Zero, Zero, Zero… Zero~!! <333 *bites both sides of neck…. mind-rapes*

VK 89: You know Kaname, my heart can’t really decide so yeah I’ll let you teach me how to sex up ;) you know, since you’re dying tomorrow anyway~ *sexy time* 



Long story short.